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The Six Week Sprint

The Six Week Sprint

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The Six Week Sprint is an intensive coaching package designed to help individuals achieve significant progress towards their goals within a short period of time. This coaching program is ideal for individuals who are highly motivated and ready to take action to make rapid progress towards their goals.

The package consists of:

  1. Six one-on-one coaching sessions: You'll meet with your coach once a week for six weeks to discuss your goals, challenges, and progress. Your coach will provide you with personalised guidance and support to help you overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and make significant progress towards your goals.

  2. Goal-setting and action planning: Your coach will work with you to clarify your goals, identify the actions you need to take to achieve them, and create a customised action plan to help you make rapid progress.

  3. Accountability and support: Your coach will hold you accountable to your goals and provide you with ongoing support and encouragement throughout the program. Your coach will also help you stay focused and motivated as you work towards your goals.

  4. Resources and tools: You'll receive access to a variety of resources and tools to support your success, including assessments, exercises, and worksheets. Your coach may also recommend additional resources and tools based on your specific needs and goals.

  5. Email support: You'll have access to your coach via email between sessions to ask questions, get feedback, and stay on track.

By the end of The Six Week Sprint coaching package, you'll have made significant progress towards your goals and gained momentum towards achieving the success you desire. With the focused support and guidance of this intensive coaching program, you'll have the tools, skills, and confidence you need to continue making progress towards your goals long after the six weeks are over.

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