Time to get REAL. Coaching is NOT for you if...

Time to get REAL. Coaching is NOT for you if...

Coaching can be an incredibly rewarding experience that helps you reach your goals, be optimal and live your best life. However, it's not right for everyone. Here are a few signs that working with a life coach may not be a good fit for you:



You're not willing to make changes. Coaching works best when you're motivated to take action. If you're on the fence about making changes or not willing to step outside your comfort zone, you likely won't get much out of the coaching process. The thing is you'll never feel ready. The best time is now. But, you have to make that decision to do something different today instead of staying the same and sticking to the same habits.



This is the most important yet also hardest part of achieving ANY goal. You must SHOW UP. Especially on the days that you're not feeling it. Even on the days when you feel like there’s no point because you won't be able to give 100%. Those are the days when it matters most because that's when you will build resilience and consistency. (I'll do a separate post on this so I don't go off on a tangent...I need to stress how important it is) How do you expect your coach to hold you accountable and get you to your goals when you can't commit to them?


You WANT To Be "Fixed"

You expect the coach to "fix" you. A coach's job is to empower you and help you realise your existing potential. They won't solve all your problems for you. If you're looking for a quick fix rather than committing to your own growth, coaching will disappoint.


You LACK Self-awareness

Coaching relies on self-reflection and awareness. If you struggle to look inward and understand your own behaviours and emotional triggers, you'll have a hard time making progress. Coaching can help build self-awareness, but you need a baseline level first.


You're NOT Open To Feedback

Coaches provide perspective and honest feedback. If you're defensive or not willing to be challenged, you won't be able to have the vulnerable conversations that lead to breakthroughs.


You Need Therapy, Not Coaching

Coaches are not therapists. If you have deep-seated mental health concerns like depression, trauma, addiction, etc., you will be better served first seeking professional therapeutic help before considering coaching. Alternatively, I offer hypnotherapy services that can help address many of those underlying issues. Hypnotherapy allows us to access the subconscious mind and reprogram unhelpful thoughts, behaviors, and patterns. It can provide a powerful complement or precursor to coaching work. Get those fundamental needs addressed through hypnotherapy or counselling first, so you are in a stable place to then move forward with coaching.


Lasting change doesn't happen through sessions alone. You have to take action between sessions. If you're not ready to practice new skills and complete exercises, coaching will stall.



Quality coaching is an investment. If the costs are beyond your budget, it may not be accessible for you at this time. Effective coaching requires training and expertise, so fees can be steep. If the investment is outside your budget right now, it’s okay to wait until you’re in a better financial position. Don’t get worse coaching just because it’s cheaper. Save up for the real thing.

If any of these feel familiar, coaching may not be the right fit right now. But if you're truly ready to grow, a good coach can help get you there. Take a look at your mindset and motivations first before pursuing a coaching relationship. The work you put in will determine the rewards. Book in a call with the coach to help see if it is the right fit for you.

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